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A forum for the local rugby boys grows to support SMEs across North East London

Wanstead-Business-ForumTower Hamlets College has set up a Business Forum in Wanstead which is sponsored and funded by the Skills Support for the Workforce project.  The forum was originally made up of members of local rugby club who own their own businesses, but this has now been expanded to include SMEs from across North East London.  Events held so far have included a business breakfast which gave local employers the chance to promote their business, encourage business to business referrals and find out about training opportunities for their staff members.

Twenty SMEs have already completed training needs analysis sessions and several employers have already sent staff on training funded by the Skills Support for the Workforce project. Training has included First Aid, Health & Safety and Fire Safety training.  Additionally, several employees from a small cleaning company have also signed up to study Functional Skills English.

If you would like further information about the Eton Manor Business Forum please contact:

Becca Gilmour (Tower Hamlets College) at:
Tel: 020 7510 7611

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