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Sheldon’s Pharmacy

Sheldons-pharmacySheldon’s Pharmacy in Gants Hill provides a wide range of services to their customers and Gifty Bentum, who is on a work placement with them, joined the Customer Service course designed specifically for pharmacy staff by Barking & Dagenham College, and funded by the Skills Support for the Workforce project.

Gifty enrolled on a 12 week Customer Service course at the Barking Learning Centre where she learnt the principles and benefits of superior customer service. When we met with Gifty on the last day of the course, she told us she is more confident in settling customer queries and recognises the different needs of customers, for example, men and women, younger people and older people.

She said: “My approach to customer service has changed. I will listen more carefully to help me recognise and respond to the needs of different customers”.

She also said she had learnt the benefits of working closely with other members of her team and that she had broadened her knowledge of the industry, both from the course content and from being in a training space with people from other pharmacies. Gifty added “the fact that the course was contextualised for pharmacy staff was very helpful and helped me relate to what was being taught. There were ten learners from various pharmacies which helped me to broaden my knowledge of the industry”.

Gifty’s intention is to move on to a level three course and feels that the course she has already taken has given her the knowledge and confidence to do it.

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